For every purchase made by a referred customer, you will receive a commission according to the sales program that you choose. offers two sales programs: Revenue Share (RevShare) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).


Revenue Share

In the Revenue Share modality you will receive a commission for each purchase done by the customer. This includes not only the initial purchase, but all the purchases done throughout the customer’s life. Casino Commissions will be 15% Net Revenue Share for all sites and will only be generated during the first 12 months of the customer’s life.





CPA Wintrillions & Trillonario

If you prefer the CPA sales modality, we pay you a commission for each new client that you refer to us who buys in our site and spends or deposits the minimum required. This is a convenient model if you want an initial high commission, beyond the client’s purchases in the future.



CPA LottoKings



All Program Referrals

And, you also generate comissions from the affiliates you refer to (Tier 1 Referrals) and for the affiliates that they in turn refer (Tier 2 Referrals).