Anti-Spam Policy

The hereby document establishes the Anti-Spam Policy for in order to adapt it to the generality of the worldwide legislation in regards to the matter and specially to the Federal legislation of United States: CAN-SPAM law from 2003 (we recommend webmasters to read it). will put into practice strict controls referred to it’s Anti Spam Policy which will come into effect automatically since the inclusion of these terms in its’ sites and will be regulated according to what follows:



The user declares that he knows and accepts the Anti Spam Policy terms just as described at present, as much as he accepts that can modify it anytime.

The user commits under penalty of automatic cancellation not to send any type of communication or advertising when not asked to, in whichever way, to any person who will not be able to demonstrate that he/she has done a verified request of information.



It will be considered SPAM any unsolicited advertising method via e mail, news groups, IRC messages, and/or live messenger services and/or short text messages (SMS).

Consider SPAM:

2.1 Any unsolicited email which is part of a distribution list to which the person has not chosen to join.

2.2 Sending massive mails (sending advertising email to a quantity of persons that figure in a mail list).

2.3 Advertising through massive email services (companies that send an advertising email to persons from a mail list).

2.4 Advertising commercial messages in News Groups. In this case, any complaint from a group moderator with reference to an affiliate will cause the immediate and consistent cancellation of the affiliate’s account.

2.5 (IRC/ IM/ ICQ) Unsolicited messages by any means, including chat rooms and live messenger.

2.6 SMS. Any unsolicited communication and/or advertising sent through short text messages.



Any complaint of SPAM referred to an affiliate of any program will cause the automatic cancellation of the account. In consequence, we suggest that you have an electronic register of the way you obtained the electronic addresses used in mails and the mobile phone numbers used.



Before being allowed to send any email that promotes, you (the user) must figure in our list of approved affiliates.



The body of any email message sent that promotes can only contain general information about the contents offered. No use of copyright images is allowed without the express consent of whoever possesses the rights of these.



For an email address or mobile phone number to enter a list, the recipient must have chosen for it. The user must communicate to, if required, the original IP, name and any other details of the recipients, if possible, the physical address and the origin from which the email address or mobile phone was extracted from.

In all cases, the recipient must have given express consent on the reception of the email or text message, whether in response to a clear and evident request of the before mentioned consent, or through the initiative of the recipient himself (active or ex-clients).

When the sender of the email is a third party different from the recipient to whom the original recipient has communicated his/her consent, the recipient must have received a clear and evident notification when he communicated the consent that his/her email address or his/her mobile phone could be transferred to that third party with the aim to start sending email messages and/or text messages with commercial purposes.



7.1 Information in the heading

7.1.1 The heading of the email must have correct technical information and must not be deceitful; it must include an email address from origin, name of the domain or IP address.

7.1.2 The person who started the message must be clearly identified in the field “From”, not being false or neither deceitful nor giving place to confusion.

7.1.3 The computer used to start the message must be clearly identified. The messages must not be transmitted or resent with the purpose to disguise their origin.

7.1.4 The text messages must contain clear and correct information and must not be deceitful.

7.1.5 The short number or mobile phone number that started the message must be clearly identifiable and real, not being able to send messages from mobile phone operators of Web portals that make it impossible to identify the sender.

7.1.6 The recipient of a text message must always be able to communicate with the sender of it.



8.1 All emails must contain an email address, or any other mechanism based on the Internet, that is clear and notorious so that the recipient can send, in the way that the message indicates, a response mail or any other means of communication based on the Internet, asking not to receive any more commercial emails from the sender to the mailbox where it was received.

The email address or other mechanism referred to on the previous paragraph must remain active or capable of receiving these messages or communications until at least 30 days since the transmission of the original message.

Once the request for removal is received, this must be carried out immediately and no later than 5 days since the reception of the request.

8.2 In the same way, all the text messages must contain a short number or mobile phone number of origin to which the recipient of the message can respond requesting not to receive any more text messages. The short number or recipient’s mobile phone number must remain active for at least 30 calendar days since the transmission of the original message.

Once received the request for removal, this must be carried out immediately and no later than 5 days since the reception of the request.



The users must agree and fulfill in all aspects, with all the Federal, State and Local laws that apply to the sending of emails or text messages.



The violation of any of the rules before mentioned by an affiliate of involves the automatic cancellation of his/her account, meaning this the loss of all the incomes generated. Also, the affiliate will be prevented from hiring new accounts and the information that he might have provided for purposes of his/her registration can be revealed to any claimant.

Where do I report SPAM? To report SPAM please write an email to